End-Of-Year Impact Report

When tutoring is delivered with rigor, intentionality, and through data-driven methods, the impact is far-reaching.

The School Year 2021–2022 Impact Report provides an in-depth overview of BookNook’s impact among K–8 students participating in the program nationally between August 2021 and June 2022.

More specifically, the report will detail and synthesize metrics on the following categories: BookNook’s reach/scale, student progress, usage, and student engagement. We will also incorporate qualitative data (e.g., parent/educator/administrator feedback) to contextualize and add nuance to these macro level trends.

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The BookNook Difference

We are a team of educators and technology innovators joined by a shared commitment to provide equitable access to rigorous and engaging instruction.

BookNook provides a synchronous online learning platform designed to enhance K–8 academic achievement through small-group reading instruction and online tutoring.

National Level

Quantitative Data

Grade Level Status

At the beginning of students’ engagement with BookNook, the majority of students were performing below grade level (87%) while 11.5% were performing at grade level.

Grade Level Status

By the end of their engagement with BookNook, the percentage of students who were performing below grade level was reduced to 61% and students performing at grade level represent 1/3 of students.

Trajectory to Success

The results show a clear link between BookNook participation and student literacy development.

Trajectory Boarder

High-usage students (10+ tutoring sessions) show an accelerated growth trajectory, realigning them with the expected growth rates of their national peer group.

Accelerated Literacy Gains

Before BookNook was introduced, the average growth trajectory of our students was ~.6, which means that for every year of instruction, they were learning 3/5ths of the material.

Gains Boarder

After BookNook was introduced, these students demonstrated a new growth trajectory of 1.02. This is an increase in their previous growth trajectory by a factor of 1.7, realigning them with expected growth rates of their national peers.

National Level

Student Engagement

1.4 million+

Sessions Joined


Schools Served


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Districts & Nonprofits


Tutors in Network

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Impact Graph 2
"The books are really building on text-to-world and text-to-self connections being made. Personally, I enjoy tutoring and working with the students. It is very easy to guide them through the lessons.
"I LOVE BookNook! The sessions are the highlight of [my son's] school week. He typically does NOT like to read at all but to my surprise, he is eager to attend his BookNook tutoring sessions."
"BookNook has really helped students’ progress with reading /communication."
–Program Coordinator
"I want to be the teacher that helps kids feel confident and enjoy learning."
–BookNook Tutor & Public School Teacher
"[Student] is now confident to speak more English, ask or answer questions in class and has learned so much in a short amount of time."
–Program Coordinator

Small-Group Reading Instruction & High Impact Online Tutoring

BookNook’s shared commitment to delivering equitable access to engaging and highly personalized reading instruction is at the heart of everything we do.


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